Let’s be waste warriors! reduce, reuse, recycle

KESAB environmental solutions are pleased to present a new school waste and recycling education resource, ‘Let’s be waste warriors!’.

The resource includes a selection of Australian curriculum-aligned lesson ideas and accompanying activity sheets relating to the topic of waste and recycling. They are written for lower primary and primary students but can easily be modified to suit other year levels.

Using this curriculum material will assist students in achieving the following learning outcomes:

Broad learning outcomes (lower primary)

  • Students will understand the importance of correct waste disposal and that waste products need to be disposed of carefully into different bins.
  • Students will discover the terms reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Students will consider ways to reduce waste.

Broad learning outcomes (primary)

  • Students will explore to understand the principles of waste management with a particular focus on waste management practices in their area.
  • Students will discover which items go into each bin.
  • Students will consider the greater impacts of correct and incorrect waste management practices.

In addition to these lesson ideas, KESAB environmental solutions offers a number of ‘hands-on’ excursion and incursion programs and options to complement students’ learning. For details, simply download KESAB’s latest Waste and Recycling Education information brochure.

Lower Primary Years Lesson Ideas and Activities

Lesson Ideas

Activity Sheets

Primary Years Lesson Ideas and Activities

Lesson Ideas

Activity Sheets