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KESAB Education Centre tour
KESAB Education Centre tour

The KESAB Education Centre is located at Integrated Waste Services, (IWS) Wingfield. The centre is a purpose built education facility on a working site where visitors can have a sensory experience of what happens to their waste and recycling materials once their bins leave the kerbside. Drawing together elements of the natural environment, indigenous environmental stewardship and modern waste management and resource recovery, the education centre provides the base for interactive education sessions.

The KESAB Education Centre excursion incorporates a tour of material processing sites and activities in the education centre. The entire session is facilitated by KESAB’s experienced education officers.


KESAB’s expert educators will lead visitors on an hour-long tour taking in elements of material processing such as mixed waste, construction, organics, household hard waste, expanded polystyrene and electronic waste. The tour provides visitors with a firsthand look at what happens to the materials that are thrown away and how these are processed to achieve the best outcomes.

Classroom Activities

To reflect South Australia’s natural environment, the education centre has a marine theme, with fish and a huge seal. The seal sculpture is made entirely of ‘waste’ materials, to encourage contextual consideration of waste behaviours and the impact of our actions. KESAB’s expert staff educate students about the value of recycling and the impact on the environment. Students will break off into groups to take part in multiple diverse activities that develop an understanding of waste-to-resources terminology, technology, source separation and materials processing. Key messages are enhanced by the amazing sculptures indigenous artwork and a native garden.

Post Excursion Resource

Warning: The KESAB Education Centre is a highly sensory experience with lots of lights, sounds and smells. It may not be suitable for some students with sensory processing difficulties.

Key Information

Max Class size:

30 Students


Preschool to year 12

Cost (Incl. GST):

1 Class = $460 (incl. GST), Consecutive Class $335 (incl. GST)


Lot 254 Corner Hines and Wingfield Roads, Wingfield SA 5013

Session length:

2 hours, shorter sessions are available for younger groups

Session requests:

To request a session, please complete the request form or contact KESAB on 8234 7255.

School session request form

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Statewide Recycling Education Centre – Currently Not Available

Statewide Recycling, located in Ottoway, is a ‘Super Collector’ of 10c deposit drink containers from recycling depots throughout South Australia, and the Statewide Recycling Education Centre is a fantastic showcase of reused and recycled products. At Statewide, students will learn about the benefits of South Australia’s drink container deposit legislation (CDL), manufacturing and recycling processes, and more. The education centre includes a variety of activities, from the Natural Resources jigsaw puzzle, to sorting drink containers on the moving conveyor belt! This excursion can also be combined with an excursion to the Wingfield Waste and Recycling Centre and Wingfield Education Centre.

Request an excursion at Statewide

Session length:

1 hour


Year 2 and above

Cost (excluding GST):

$350 per class (max 30 students per class)

Session requests:

To request a session, please complete the request form or contact KESAB on 8234 7255.

Currently Not Available