Wipe out Waste

Wipe out Waste

The Wipe out Waste (WOW) program is a whole school community approach to waste management and learning. The South Australian state-wide program assists all sites, from pre-school to year 12 to:

  • improve systems to reduce waste and recover resources in schools
  • monitor progress and continually improve resource recovery (waste) outcomes in the schools
  • encourage and influence people to adopt more sustainable behaviour.

The program offers professional development sessions, bin material audits and a range of education resources to support waste management.

Check out the ‘Wipe out Waste’ (WOW) Teacher Guide for a step-by-step guide to WOW resources:

  • Tips on working together to Wipe out Waste at your site.
  • More WOW initiatives to help reduce waste.
  • About the free WOW Professional Learning sessions.
  • About other KESAB Education services.

For more information and an overview of the resources and support provided, visit www.wow.sa.gov.au