Litter Less

Litter Less
Litter Less

The Litter Less incursion will focus on awareness, understanding and actioning of litter issues at school, in the community and the environment.

Following an introduction and discussion about litter, what it is and how it spreads students will participate in a sample litter audit in the school grounds.

Students will look at the results of the sample litter audit to identify the types of litter found, litter hotspots and consider bin placement. Students can then develop an action plan for the school, to reduce litter.

Please note: Limited subsidies are available for schools in some council areas. Please contact KESAB and speak to a Waste Education Officer for more information.

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Session length:

1.5 hours


Year 4 – Year 9


Maximum of 2 sessions/day.

Limited fully-subsidised sessions available

Please note: This session must be held in a closed room.

Session requests:

To request a session, please complete the request form or contact KESAB on 8234 7255.

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