Education microsites


Statewide Recycling

This microsite is an educational resource that explores the journey of recycling used beverage containers, developed by KESAB in partnership with Statewide Recycling. On the site you will find an animated guided tour of the different stages of recycling from beginning to end, with fun facts and quizzes along the way.

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Litter Less

This litter reduction education resource for primary school teachers and students was developed by KESAB. It's 'learning through action' approach assists schools in identifying litter issues and then planning and implementing litter reduction and prevention strategies.

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Metal Recycling

This microsite explores the process of metal recycling through Sims Metal operations. On the site you will find an animated guided tour of a Sims Metal processing facility, fact sheets and education resources (lesson ideas and worksheets).

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Water - Let's be sustainable

This water sustainability microsite was developed by KESAB in partnership with SA Water. It has been designed primarily to educate students about water sustainability in South Australian Aboriginal communities, but also contains general principles of water conservation applicable to the wider Australian community.

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Food scraps to compost

The Port Adelaide Enfield Council's 'Food scraps to compost' microsite helps to educate teachers, students and the wider community about the effective use of the green organics bin to divert food scraps from landfill.

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STUFF AT HOME - put it in the right bin

This education resource consists of an interactive house which is a fun, engaging and a great way to educate students about the correct disposal of common household items.

You will also find cross-curricular lesson ideas and accompanying student activity sheets.

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Junk Craft™

Junk Craft™ activities provide a great way to combine common classroom resources with recycled/salvaged materials and objects from nature to create interesting craft items.

The site provides clear instructions and templates for each craft item and extra resources (lessons and student fact sheets) to support or extend each activity. The craft items include Australian animals, war commemoration items and First Fleet themed items.

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