Compost / Worm farm

Worm farm
Worm farm

These workshops provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of composting and worm farm systems. Workshops can be used during the middle of a unit to help students understand procedures and methods, and to understand changes to materials in the environment over time.

Have you considered establishing your own compost system or worm farm?

Composting and Community Garden expert Alan Shepard can visit your school and work with your students to set up your compost or worm farm system. The session also includes how to maintain a healthy system, and the importance of diverting food from landfill.

More detailed sessions on systems for collecting food scraps, home composting, monitoring, links to school gardens and other environmentally sustainable practices are also available for key environment/ SRC groups and staff.

Please note: Limited subsidies are available for schools in some council areas. Please contact KESAB and speak to a Waste Education Officer for more information.

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Session length:

1 hour


Kindergarten – Year 12


$340 (+GST) for one session.

Additional sessions on same day are $160 (+GST) per class.

Max of 5 classes/day = $980 (+GST)

Session requests:

To request a session, please complete the request form or contact KESAB on 8234 7255.

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