Council kerbside waste audits

KESAB auditors have conducted kerbside waste audits for councils across South Australia to assess the effectiveness of the three bin system for residual waste, recycling and green organics. Audits can take place over one or two weeks, depending upon the collection schedule.

The methodology is based on Zero Waste SA’s Guide to Kerbside Performance Reporting which recommends 100 bins in each stream be collected and audited. The Zero Waste guide is to promote standard audit methodology and reporting, allowing councils to compare the performance of their waste and recycling management systems over time and with other councils.

The bin audit assists councils to:

  • accurately measure the composition of the residual waste, recycling and green organics bin streams and establish waste and recycling generation trends
  • report, review and track resource recovery performance to improve systems and develop targeted education materials
  • accurately assess your residents’ performance over time and compare audit outcomes with other councils using the same methodology.