Journey of my Food

Unfortunately in Australia 40% of all the food we produce is wasted. Food waste means we are wasting resources all along the supply chain, from the water needed to grow the food right through to the packaging used in the supermarket, and the transport needed to get it home to you.

The ‘Journey of my Food’ is an interactive workshop which follows the journey of common food items, encouraging students to think critically about the resources which went into making that food and the consequences of waste. During the session we will cover a range of concepts such as embodied water, food miles, different packaging materials, cosmetic standards and household food waste.

Please note: Limited subsidies are available for schools in some council areas. Please contact KESAB and speak to a Waste Education Officer for more information.

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Session length:

1 hour


Year 4 – Year 9


$475 (+GST) for one session.

Additional sessions on same day are $320 (+GST) per class.

Session requests:

To request a session, please complete the request form or contact KESAB on 8234 7255.

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