Road Watch – Adopt A Road

Road Watch - Adopt A Road

Roadside litter remains an important part of KESAB’s ongoing litter focus. Road Watch is a volunteer community-based program run in partnership with the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. Approximately 100 groups and individuals around the state participate in the Road Watch program. Groups adopt a minimum of 2km of roadway and usually undertake four clean-ups a year. Necessary equipment, including safety gear, is supplied to the groups and after each clean-up, groups report back to KESAB. Road Watch is a great volunteer program for schools, community groups and businesses as it is very flexible and there are no costs involved.

If you would like to join the Road Watch program, please contact us:


08 8234 7255


08 8234 7266

Online Clean-up Report

Road Watch groups are required to report on their clean-up activities using the form below.

Clean-up Form