Clean Site®

Clean Site®

Clean Site® is an industry education program developed and implemented by KESAB environmental solutions in partnership with state and local government, Master Builders SA, Housing Industry Association, the Construction Industry Training Board and the building and construction industry.

The program delivers education and training embracing best practice on construction sites through onsite demonstration and information resource materials.

Program focus includes stormwater management, recycling and resource recovery, trade practices, erosion and sediment controls and litter management.

Clean Site® is supported by research and monitoring partnerships with councils, industry and the DIY/home renovation sectors.

Consultation with stakeholders demonstrates the need for ongoing engagement through education to change current workplace practices and to implement new standards. These underpin state and local government legislation, the State Waste Strategy and Environment Protection Authority (EPA) policies ensuring a cleaner environment.

How does building have an effect on the environment?

Railway bridge construction site
Railway bridge construction site

Stormwater acts as a carrier for pollution (such as that picked up from various sources including private properties, public places and building sites) which is transported through drains to our waterways and coasts.

Litter is one of the most visible forms of stormwater pollution. However, contaminants such as sediments, detergents, fertilisers and oil all add up to cause an impact on the environment.

Sediment is a particular problem in our waterways because it smothers aquatic plants and animals and silts up creeks, rivers, reservoirs and dams.

We, as community members, all have a role to look after our water resources.

In the driest state in the driest developed continent in the world, we must make the most of our resources.