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New Groups

To join the Road Watch program, groups must select a section of road they would like to Clean-up. Groups will need to register their information and desired road, using the Registration Form. Once complete, please send it to , we will then be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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Current Groups


Road Watch groups are required to report on their clean-up activities using one of the forms below.

Online Clean-up Form

Sharps Disposal

A list of the sites where you can drop off your sharps disposal container can be found here, however where possible, please choose a site where you can swap your used container for a new one, as we are unable to supply multiple containers to every group.


Road Watch – Adopt A Road Program Survey

Road Watch – Adopt A Road has been operating since 1996. In that time hundreds of volunteers have participated and there are currently over 120 active groups. A lot has changed since the program began and we want to make sure that the program continues to improve. For this reason, we are seeking your valuable feedback. Does the program meet your expectations? Would you like something different? Are you itching to share some constructive feedback? Now is your chance to shape the future of this program by completing the program survey.

Road Watch – Adopt A Road Program Survey Form (Online)