Mini Bin Game

Mini Bin Game
Mini Bin Game

The Mini Bin Game includes miniature versions of your local council bin systems, and picture cards of items to be sorted. The game is designed to be used by families, schools, councils, and community groups, and may be made available in libraries for use by residents.

Each game offers two alternate versions which can be played;

  1. The Bin Sort Game

    Image cards are sorted into the correct bins (waste/landfill, recycling and organics), providing an opportunity to practice and learn what can and cannot go in each bin.

  2. The three ‘R’s’ for Reducing, Reusing and Refunding (10 cent containers)

    These additional cards can be used in addition to the bins for some extra elements to consider.

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Kit content:

  • Miniature bins for sorting. Number and colour of bins is dependent on the council area
  • 2 x answer sheets
  • 1 x set of image cards
  • 1 x explanation sheet
  • 1 x instruction sheet

Cost of purchase:

$66 (+GST, Postage and handling may be applicable)

Cost of hire:

$55 / week (+GST, Postage and handling may be applicable)

Purchase requests:

To purchase the game, complete and submit the purchase form.

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Hire requests:

To hire a kit, simply complete and submit the hire form.

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