Litter Bin

Cardboard litter bin
Cardboard litter bin

KESAB’s cardboard litter bins are great for annual events, special functions and for using at sporting events. They are easily folded to put in storage for your next event.

Contact KESAB for further information:


08 8234 7255

Resource details:

  • Bin size is 42cm x 33cm x 69cm high.
  • Volume is 100 Litres.

Cost of purchase:

$8.35 each (+ GST)

Liners are 45 cents each (+ GST)

Waste information posters

KESAB is pleased to provide generic material management posters for download/private printing. These can be utilised with the KESAB litter bins or as stand-alone education.

Please note that materials and processing can be unique to Council areas, therefore the images are generic and not exhaustive.

Please familiarise yourself with your areas specific requirements via the Which Bin information.