Workshops & presentations

Community and environment are the core business of KESAB environmental solutions.

KESAB reaches tens of thousands of South Australians through programs including Road Watch, Sustainable Communities, Clean Marine, Clean Site, Butt Free, Illegal Dumping and Environmental Audits.

Each of these programs provides an engaging and interactive platform and serves an educational role in influencing positive behaviour towards sustainability. These programs are delivered by keen, skilled and enthusiastic educators and program managers.

Our Education staff have an extensive knowledge base in waste, recycling, litter prevention, resource recovery and separation systems. Workshops and information sessions provide a great opportunity for participants to ask lots of questions and take home fact sheets and information to share with others.

Please contact KESAB if you are interested in workshops or presentations for your community (fees may apply).

Environmentally Friendly Gardening workshops

Funded by Councils, KESAB occasionally runs Environmentally Friendly Gardening workshops which are free to attend. The focus of these workshops may include composting, worm farms, water wise gardening and organic pest management.

Composting and Worm Farm workshops

Guidance to help you set up and maintain a compost system or worm farm.

Papermaking workshops

KESAB is able to provide you with the equipment and expertise to assist your group in making their own hand-made, recycled paper.