Water in your community

Water tank

Not all water is the same. The quality of the water you use will vary depending on where it comes from, how it gets from its source to you and how other people have used or treated it.

South Australia has very limited rainfall and a population that is spread across a large area, so keeping the quality of South Australia’s water consistent across the State is not an easy task. The quality of water is assessed on many factors such as colour, taste and smell, but most importantly by identifying and removing any impurities which could make people sick if they drink it.

SA Water manages 42 water treatment plants across South Australia. These plants take raw, untreated water and make it safe to drink. There is information about the treatment process Safe drinking water section or you can visit the SA Water external link website.

More information about water use, supply and treatment in several communities can be found by selecting the name of your community’s region from the menu.