Who’s looking after your water?

There are various people and organisations working together to make sure the water in your community is safe for use.

  • Department for Environment and Water (DEW)

    DEW works with the AW NRM Board to make sure the environment and communities continue to have enough good water.

    DEW Investigation and Compliance Unit 08 8124 4914

  • Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management (AW NRM) Board

    The AW NRM Board listen to, and work with, the Anangu people to look after the ground water resources. They ensure that there is enough water for the communities.

    Alinytjara Wilurara Natural Resources Management (AW NRM) Board 08 8625 3706

  • SA Water

    SA Water looks after the water infrastructure and treatment from the supply bore to the water meter, usually located at or near the fence of the house. If there is a water leak before the meter, i.e. usually outside housing fences, or in the street, it needs to be reported to SA Water.

    Contact SA Water on 1300 SAWATER (1300 729 283)

    SA Water external link can also assist if you are having financial difficulties and need assistance with your water bill.

  • Community Water Services Officer (CWSO)

    CWSOs help with monitoring and reporting on water services and infrastructure to SA Water. They also act as SA Water’s eyes and ears on the ground and are a contact for reporting faults which they pass on to SA Water.

  • Housing SA

    Housing SA is responsible for the maintenance of any Housing SA property. Faulty water infrastructure (e.g. a leaking tap) inside your house or yard must be reported to Housing SA using a ‘Request for Maintenance’ form.

    Housing SA 131 299

  • Tenants (household members)

    Household members are responsible for using water wisely and must report faulty water fittings and leaks to Housing SA.

Who's looking after our water? poster

Below is an A3 PDF of the “Who’s looking after our water?” poster that provides a visual guide to the people and organisations that work together to ensure that the water in your community is safe to drink.