Far West Coast / Eyre Peninsula region

Far West Coast waterhole

This area is located in the far west of the state and includes centres such as Ceduna, as well as the famous Nullarbor Plain and the Great Australian Bight. The communities of Koonibba, Oak Valley and Yalata are in this region.

This region is known as the home of the whale and the shark, so the artwork depicts the wedge-tailed eagle circling above the tall coastal cliffs, over the native vegetation which shelters the sleepy lizard. A wild dog makes its way to a deep rock hole in the seemingly flat landscape, which contains fresh, clean water for people and animals to drink.


Koonibba map

Koonibba is located on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula, 40 km northwest of Ceduna and 800 km west of Adelaide.

In the early 20th century, Koonibba was thick, unused scrubland owned by the Australian government before being sold to the Lutheran Church. It then became a missionary settlement. Currently, the land is leased to farmers.

Below are some statistics about Koonibba:

Oak Valley

Oak Valley map

Oak Valley is located 516 km northwest of Ceduna on the fringe of the Great Victorian Desert.

Oak Valley was established in 1985 as a community for the Anangu people who had been displaced due to the British atomic testing on the Maralinga lands.

Below are some statistics about Oak Valley:

  • Population: 62 (approximately)
  • Water usage: N/A
  • Water supply: Bores (for non-drinking water) and rainwater from a catchment (drinking water)
  • Water treatment method: UV treatment

Yalata map

Yalata is located on the far west coast of South Australia around 200 km west of Ceduna and 991 km northwest of Adelaide.

The Yalata community was established in 1952 as a home for mainly Anangu people who had been displaced as a result of the surrounding areas being used for atomic testing by the British government. In 1984 the native title to much of the land was returned.

Below are some statistics about Yalata:

  • Population: 197 (approximately)
  • Water usage: N/A
  • Water supply: Bores
  • Water treatment method: Reverse osmosis (except toilets)