Cleansite® Success Story

Cleansite® Success Story

KESAB’s partnership with WOOLCOCK CONSTRUCTION on the SUHO 10-Star home at Woodforde, a South Australian first, was unique. It was the first time that the construction company, which normally constructs large commercial-style buildings, worked on such a unique home building project.

The site at Woodforde is on a constrained allotment size which is something new to many of the company’s trades. This constraint made material management challenging, as the normal space for waste separation and wash down was not available. This made KESAB’s role as part of Clean Site even more important, working with the site manager to educate and encourage tradies to do the right thing. This included waste management, litter avoidance for stormwater management and pollutant runoff.

Richard Olesinski (left), Cleansite® program coordinator, speaking at the launch of the 10 Star Home.

Initial Toolbox meetings were delivered to companies involved in the project as an introduction to the partnership between WOOLCOCK’s and KESAB. Most trades were also visited onsite with environmental toolboxes delivered to ensure all workers understood the reasons for practices and how to action these appropriately. This was time efficient with delivery only taking around 10 minutes, reinforcing the need for effective environmental management whilst working on-site.

Bottom line: Clean Site = Safe Site.

With KESAB’s assistance, the project’s waste manager was able to provide an effective recycling service which saw only one bin onsite. Monthly reports were provided indicating a recycling average of 98% during the project which is an outstanding result.

The EPA’s Waste policy guides waste companies to recycle the majority of discarded construction materials which is backed up by a $140 per tonne waste levy. What was not recycled was used in ResourceCo’s waste to energy facility, which powers a local cement facility saving thousands of dollars and CO2 emissions each year due to reduced natural gas use.

The 10-Star SUHO site was certainly outstanding and tidier when compared to adjacent building projects contributing to a cleaner local environment.

The project is a great legacy and leads the way in sustainable construction in South Australia.


The KESAB Clean Site program is a leading educational partnership program engaging the building and construction industry, building and construction associations, and the waste recovery industry demonstrating and implementing best practice and improved environmental performance.

The program has been recognised by the EPA, Master Builders (SA), Housing Industry Association and numerous key stakeholders for over two decades as an important environmental sustainability education initiative.

Consultation with key policy makers and industry stakeholders indicates the need for engagement through education to change entrenched work place practices to meet new environmental standards in particular focusing on resource recovery and recycling.

This is particularly relevant as South Australia looks towards waste reform and stronger regulatory focus embracing waste management and Circular Economy policies.


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To read more about the 10 Star Home, read this great article in the Master Builders SA magazine or visit

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