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This week Detpak have been trialling recyclable coffee cups at selected locations around the country. We are thrilled to have been part of the trial, onsite at locations in SA and NSW to help educate the community.

Ten Eyewitness News Adelaide
CHANGE BREWING: An Adelaide cafe is among several pioneering the nation's first recyclable takeaway cups. #TenNews
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Ten Eyewitness News Adelaide

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What about the lids?

Good work !

6 days ago

KESAB environmental solutions

Some good news to start your Monday morning!We are excited to be starting our first in market trials of our recyclable cup #RecycleMe™ on Monday!
Thanks to our partners Toby's Estate Coffee Restaurant Associates Australia Pilgrim Coffee Hawker Street Cafe & Bendigo Bank for being part of the revolution #bluebinme. Visit to find out more.

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Some good news to start your Monday morning!

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Kesab educators are assisting at trial sites in Adelaide and Sydney. People are loving it and we are seeing lots of keep cups too 👍🏻

My local council has take away coffee cups listed as something that goes in the recycling bin...I checked with them after watch War on waste and was advised that yes they can go in the recycling bin...does this mean that they end up in landfill?

A lot of places don't have "blue/paper" bins. Does this mean these can go in "yellow" recycling bin? Why not use compost able cups which already exist and that people are more familiar with? Not meaning to be negative.

Clare Rainbow

Brad Craig

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Always remove the bottle tops before you take them to the depot for recycling! ... See MoreSee Less

Always remove the bottle tops before you take them to the depot for recycling!

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I've always tried to recycle as much as possible but very annoyed after watching (I think it was) 4 corners last week to hear how much recycled rubbish goes to landfill! They actually admitted NO glass gets recycled in oz any more

And do you just chuck the tops in the rubbish?

Take the tops to a Kindergarten - they'll be recycled there 🙂

and they make you take the lids off yourself at the recycle depot if they are still on

Matthew - remember this! Lol

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