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Would you use a paper bin liner instead of plastic bag?

1 Million Women
If you're wondering what to line your bin with as plastic bag bans come into force, this is a great alternative, or you can simply use no bin liner!
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1 Million Women


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Good however paper produces methane when breaking down in landfill. Truth is, if you get into composting and recycling, you won’t produce very much landfill waste at all!! But this is good for the landfill waste you DO produce, as it’d had a much smaller environmental impact. Problem is, what about the larger bins? We have a large kitchen bin in our house that this wouldn’t work for! 😕

I’m going to line my bin with newspaper. I don’t use any liner in my recycle bin as everything is rinsed or it’s just paper so it’s pretty clean. I just wash it once a week. Just ask yourselves are plastic bags really necessary in the bin?

Shelley Warchol- not sure if you already linked into Kesab

Excellent idea!

Amy Martin...not sure if I'm quite this dedicated!!!

Nirvana Adeyy

Thomas Buffalo Burke

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Don't forget about the Ditch the Plastic event tomorrow! ... See MoreSee Less

Dont forget about the Ditch the Plastic event tomorrow!


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Sarah Manatakis

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