Source to Tap

The Source to Tap microsite, an engaging resource that educates remote areas about water sustainability, has been very well received by educators on the APY Lands.

Working through a partnership with SA water, KESAB environmental solutions has extended delivery of the resource to remote aboriginal communities beyond the APY Lands.

As part of this program, a KESAB Education Officer visited schools in the Far West Coast and Eyre Peninsula to teach students about where their local water comes from and how they can be more sustainable in their community.

KESAB also partnered with SA Museum in November 2018 to run a number of education sessions on the APY Lands. With the classroom being the local waterhole, we discussed where the water comes, its quality and how to be sustainable with it.

The students were able to test the turbidity and pH of the water, as well as having the opportunity to catch macro-invertebrates, which can also be used as an indicator of water quality.

A total of eight remote aboriginal schools received water sustainability education, reaching 43 teachers, 34 Anangu support staff and 336 students.

Water testing at the local water hole on APY Lands
Water testing at the local water hole on APY Lands