KESAB Education Centres

Statewide Recycling

Statewide Recycling Education Centre

At the heart of 10c bottle, can and carton processing in South Australia, Statewide Recycling in collaboration with KESAB has incorporated an education centre into the facility itself!

This year, 37 classes totalling 962 students visited the Statewide Education Centre to see how containers, bottles, cans and cartons are processed and try their hand at activities in the education centre. A new activity gets students to sort bottles, cans and cartons according to their composition and then students must calculate their refund. The hands-on engaging activities make learning about recycling fun!

Statewide “Recycling Makes Cents” Video

KESAB engaged with local award-winning animation business, Monkey Stack to create an exciting animation of the Recycling Makes Cents video. The video, shown to classes that visit the Statewide Recycling Education Centre, is proving a comical addition to awareness and understanding of how cans, bottles and cartons are processed and what benefits this has to South Australians and the environment.

Released to YouTube the video has had over 300 views. KESAB will instigate new measures to ensure this valuable resource reaches more of the South Australian community and beyond.

Adelaide Resource Recovery

Wingfield Education Centre

Over 12 months, 3,068 students accompanied by 460 teachers, parents and helpers took part in the Wingfield Waste and Recycling Centre excursion. That’s 118 classes!

This popular excursion provides participants with a unique opportunity to visit sites that manage household and organic waste as well as construction and demolition materials.

Students learn about the management of materials, the importance of reducing waste to landfill and get hands on with fun, engaging activities to test their knowledge. Students can then apply their learning back at school and home to become more sustainable and responsible citizens.