Unit of work

Litter in the real world

The Litter Less unit of work is presented as six inquiry questions, separated into three interconnected themes and delivered over 12 lessons.

Below you will find a PDF of the complete unit of work as well as individual theme PDFs and all the resources (activity sheets, charts, images etc.) you will need for each lesson. These resources are provided in PDF and SMART Notebook formats (where applicable). Any interactive resources required can be found in the Interactives section.

Lesson 1b: Where is litter found and where does it come from?

Lesson 2: Litter hazards and impacts

Lesson 3: Types of ‘litterbugs’

Lesson 5: Litter movement in a national context

Lesson 6: Litter movement in a global context

Lesson 7: Litter break down

Lesson 8: Litter survey

Lesson 9: Litter audit

Lesson 10: Litter-free education

Lesson 11: Creating ‘litter-free’ lunches