About the guided tour

Sims Metal is an Australian company with operations all over the country (and the world).

The guided tour takes you on journey through the metal recycling process (based on a South Australian operation) from the time a load arrives, to sorting and separating, to being loaded into ships or semi-trailers for transport.

You and your students will explore 10 stages of the process. Each one is animated and has a short written explanation accompanied by an audio option (so you can listen to the information). Turning on the ‘guided tour’ option will activate the stages one at a time, so you can follow the basic process of metal recycling. When this option is off, you can explore them in any order. You can also turn the labels on or off at any time. There is a glossary facility (which can be activated by clicking on selected words) which also has the audio function.

Enjoy the tour of our facility.

Guided tour