Recycle Right® Enquiry Centre

Recycle Right®

KESAB environmental solutions has been operating the Recycle Right® 1300 137 118 hotline and the email support system through the website on behalf of Green Industries SA since April 2016.

The household education program aims to increase awareness about recycling correctly and to reduce contamination in kerbside collections. The program, developed by Zero Waste SA in 2009, provides the South Australian householder an instant response to their questions about what they are able to recycle.

The 2017-2018 periods have been very busy with KESAB’s Recycle Right® team members responding to around 300 incoming calls and 250 emails.

This initiative has been supported by the South Australian Waste and Recycling industry and local councils who have assisted with providing the most up to date information about how their systems work and what items are accepted through their recycling systems.

The graph below shows the types of enquiries for the period 2017 – 2018. It appears that the public still need help identifying waste that is hazardous.

Hotline enquiry overview 2017-2018 has undergone alterations to keep the information relevant and accurate and KESAB staff contact local councils to ensure that the information is correct.