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Clean Up Australia Day voluntary staff litter pick up

Green Team litter pick up
Green Team litter pick up

For Clean Up Australia Day the Green Team organised a litter pick up, in which KESAB staff volunteered their lunch break to pick up litter from the streets surrounding the KESAB Office.

The image (right) shows the amount of litter found in just two blocks!

Following the success of this activity, the Green Team has scheduled a regular voluntary clean-up for each school break period.

Waste audit

An audit of KESAB environmental solutions kerbside landfill bin was conducted on Wednesday 20th June 2018.

The audit captured data from approximately 4 work days (many staff were in and out of the office during this period). Only volume was measured, given the low quantity of material.

The results indicated about 40% of the material in the landfill bin was compostable, and 27% was recyclable.

Based on the audit results and subsequent staff discussions, the Green Team proposed a new five bin system for the board room (25L Ecobins for landfill, co-mingled recycling, organics and soft plastics), plus an additional soft plastics collection bin in the staff kitchen. These are to be coupled with clear signage and waste management instructions for boardroom users and building guests. This proposal has been approved and is being implemented.

KESAB Staff Green Team Members
KESAB Staff Green Team Members