Leafy sea dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon

Leafy sea dragon

Here you will find everything your students need to create their leafy sea dragon.

In the side menu you will find the instructions and templates, some interesting facts about the leafy sea dragon (written for students) and extra lesson ideas to support this activity.

You will need to source some specific materials for this activity. The leafy sea dragon’s body should be made of a stiff, but slightly pliable, material such as shade cloth. Thick cardboard will not allow students to easily sew items onto the animal’s body. You may be able to find shade cloth offcuts at local hardware or gardening outlets.

It is also suggested that vinyl or canvas pieces be used for the fins. Cardboard can be substituted, but will not be as easy to sew onto the body.

Teacher / supervisor safety note: The craft activities may require the use of cutting utensils and glue guns. Please use your discretion when allowing students to use any equipment required to produce these items. Adult supervision is recommended at all times.