Clean Site® – Connecting Construction Sites

Clean Site<sup>®</sup>

KESAB’s Clean Site® program continues to provide relevant industry training developed in partnership with the Construction Industry Training Board; Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board; government agencies; Industry Associations; leading sustainable construction company, Woolcock Construction; and the general building and construction industry.

Training focuses on EPA legislation, with regulations and codes of practice for stormwater pollution prevention, as well as local government provisions. Training is delivered via environmental toolbox inductions, with a focus on connecting with a state wide network of high school students through the Construction Industry Training Board’s Doorways2Construction program.

Training and education is provided in a classroom environment and onsite at re-building projects. Together these support onsite practical experience delivered with resources developed by key stakeholders and reviewed and upgraded to meet current legislation and environmental sustainability.

The Clean Site® program provides opportunities for onsite waste audits and monitoring relative to waste avoidance and reduction, diversion from landfill, stormwater pollution prevention, and regulatory awareness.

The major project highlight has been delivering environmental toolbox training to almost 800 students from Trade Training Centres and High Schools.

We will also deliver the program using a case study approach to best environmental practice onsite to the University of South Australia’s School of Natural and Built Environment Sustainable Construction classes which include almost 100 future construction managers, building surveyors and estimators.

KESAB’s Clean Site® training program provides trade and management students entering the construction industry with effective, direct and practical methods for complying with environmental legislation. This will reduce impacts on the environment by minimising waste onsite; recovering resources; being exposed to the principles of the Circular Economy; and protecting stormwater systems for a sustainable future.

Clean Site Toolbox delivered to Woolcock Construction 10 Star project contractors
Clean Site Toolbox delivered to Woolcock Construction 10 Star project contractors