SIMS Microsite

SMM microsite up and running at KESAB environmental solutions.

Sims Metal Management (SMM) and KESAB environmental solutions commenced their cooperative partnership in 2011 with the common objective of supporting and promoting the strong environmental aims and strategies of these two significant influencers in waste recycling and recovery.

SMM is the world’s largest listed metals and electronics recycler and it is also a leader in Australia, where it has over 30 locations processing more than 1.5 million tonnes of material per year.

A key component of the cooperative program is to provide educational tools for the public and in particular, for schools. Resource recovery and recycling are vital for our planet’s sustainability into the future and an understanding of all aspects of sustainability is equally vital for the next generation.

The SMM interactive microsite within KESAB’s website was launched in mid-2017 and, via a virtual guided tour, illustrates the workflow through a SMM site, from the arrival of unsorted scrap at the gate to the loading of processed material for overseas or interstate smelters.

To visit the SMM microsite, go to