Respect It, Don’t Wreck It – Graffiti Education Program

KESAB environmental solutions developed, promoted and evaluated a School Graffiti Prevention Resource for primary and secondary schools in ten local government areas.

The resources were developed for teachers to undertake a ‘workshop’ style classroom lesson(s) with year 7, 8 and 9 students. Schools were provided with a totally self-contained package including a lesson(s) plan complete with support material.

The materials were designed to educate students about:

  • victims of graffiti (business, residential, transit and schools)
  • the visual differences of graffiti versus legitimate art (street/urban art)
  • incidences of graffiti, where graffiti occurs, who writes graffiti and why
  • the criminal charges for graffiti and the personal, social and economic costs of graffiti.

Respect It, Don't Wreck It - Graffiti Education Teacher Pack.

The program materials were offered to year 7 teachers in 79 primary schools. At the completion of the project, 51 schools ordered and received packs, equating to 55% of schools participating.

The materials were offered to year 8 and 9 teachers in 52 secondary schools. A total of 49 schools ordered and received packs, equating to 94% of schools participating.

The following key comments and feedback was received from teachers.

  • Kids became very involved in discussions after watching the DVD and this led to much reporting on graffiti in the area.
  • The activities promoted great discussion amongst the students.
  • Students pointed out more desks that needed a clean and reported graffiti in the toilets more.
  • Students were much more aware and had strong opinions.
  • Role playing in the DVD had a strong impact on students.