Road Watch

Roadside litter or illegal dumping?
Roadside litter or illegal dumping?

The Road Watch program achieved another solid year in 2016/2017 working alongside 102 active Road Watch community groups targeting road side litter at their nominated sites across the State.

One third of participating groups are metropolitan based and two thirds regional groups. There continues to be multiple groups who are working at more than one site (including one group with five sites).

Breakdown of common roadside litter items.

Key outcomes

  • Ten new groups have joined the program this year, including individuals, school groups and community groups.
  • KESAB has continued its partnership with Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) and the Community Youth Justice teams, and there are multiple offices across the state who continue to use the Road Watch Program as part of their teams community service.
  • Many councils across SA continue to support their local Road Watch groups by offering free disposal of waste collected.
  • In partnership with regional DPTI offices, KESAB continued to review the condition of Road Watch signs throughout the state and replaced those as required. New signs were installed for a number of groups this year.
  • A Road Watch celebration event (morning tea) was held in May 2017 which was attended by a number of Road Watch groups and Stakeholders including DPTI. Groups were recognised with a certificate of appreciation.
  • Gift cards were sent to 60 groups recognising efforts and facilitating local morning teas for Road Watch members and teams, and thanking all for their hard work.

Thank you morning tea with Road Watch groups
Thank you morning tea with Road Watch groups