The Hon Ian Hunter MLCThe Hon Ian Hunter MLC Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation

From the Minister

South Australia’s prized reputation as a clean and green environment is an asset of enormous value.

Our community is proud of this reputation, especially when we attract admiration from visitors and media.

Central to protecting this reputation is KESAB environmental solutions’ advocacy to reduce litter and encourage positive behavior change in recycling and resource efficiency.

KESAB is not only a guardian of our State’s clean and green image, but a great contributor to environmental sustainability.

Engaging with the community to deliver on-the-ground programs such as Litter Less and Take the Pledge, and working in partnership with State and Local Government and other sectors of the community are its key strengths.

South Australia continues to lead the nation in resource recovery, recycling and litter reduction of beverage containers.

This year we celebrated a milestone achievement with the successful Container Deposit Scheme celebrating 40 years since its implementation.

Another milestone has been Bazza the Bunyip’s warmly-received reincarnation, coinciding with the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016 which started operating on 1 February 2017.

Through its partnership with Green Industries SA, KESAB’s dedicated and passionate staff continues to deliver programs which result in tangible outcomes: teacher and student engagement and professional development training through the outstanding Wipe Out Waste program, council community tours, household waste audits and the Recycle Right® telephone hotline.

With KESAB coordinating the National Litter Index and the State and Local Government’s implementation of the Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act, South Australia has an excellent opportunity to improve litter reduction outcomes including a strong focus on marine and land-based plastics.

With our new direction embracing the ‘circular economy’ and imperative to address climate change, I am confident KESAB will continue to be a valuable partner and champion for South Australia’s environment.