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Recycle Right Information Hotline

Green Industries SA partnership with KESAB delivers the Recycle Right telephone hotline (1300 137 118) and website queries for the community of South Australia.

The telephone hotline runs “hot” with KESAB’s Waste Educators providing assistance to callers from every corner of South Australia.

It is great to see the interest in correct disposal practices by community members ringing the Recycle Right hotline, or accessing the web site seeking council or recyclers information and locations.

Hazardous waste is enquired about the most and this is no surprise given the high level of renovating, gardening and general maintenance undertaken by home owners. South Australian households over the course of some years accumulate considerable volumes of highly poisonous and dangerous chemicals.

Paint is an item the community highlights should be disposed of correctly and all callers are pleased to know that Green Industries SA offers a Hazardous Waste drop off, and also that the Paint Back Scheme is available through some retail outlets.

KESAB has taken many interesting calls during the year. A stand out with staff is a person who had removed a full gas tank from a Holden V8 Ute. The caller was very happy to receive advice from the staff member who arranged a safe option for the disposal of the unit, and in so doing averting a possible dangerous and catastrophic accident in householders backyard.

Recycle Right Website

The Recycle Right website continues to be developed behind the scenes with KESAB’s Recycle Right Project Officer working with Councils to ensure information on the Website is maintained, and council recycling systems are captured and updated in the website.

South Australian Councils are progressively providing updated information to KESAB, and we are now developing new components to the website in cooperation with Green Industries SA and key stakeholder group WMAA Waste Educators SA, whose collective knowledge of respective Regions and waste management is invaluable to the success of the community website.

Web Statistics

Recycle Right

The website has had:

  • 49,965 visits during 1st July 2016 – 30th June 2017
  • 66,840 page views during 1st July 2016 – 30th June 2017
  • There have been 112 requests for information emails and 88 “contact us” emails.