Dob in a Litterer Legislation

Report litter thrown from vehicles
Report litter thrown from vehicles

The Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act 2016 was implemented in February 2017. Over many years KESAB has strongly advocated for broader littering and illegal dumping enforcement capability by local government and Agencies.

More commonly referred as “Dob in a Litterer”, the Regulations embrace enforceable measures against littering and illegal dumping with significant penalties being applied to influence less litter and the act of littering.

The reporting process encourages citizens to observe and report litterers. The supporting information tendered in the report is evidentiary and strengthens the case for applying a penalty.

Tools supporting Dob in a Litterer include removal of litter if asked by the respective authorised person, citizens notification and reporting by an App, Bill posting, liability of vehicle owners, and an option for citizens reporting when actually observing the incidence of littering.

The EPA summarises data in the South Australian Government Data Directory which can be accessed to view Dob in a Litterer Reports, locations, type of litter reported and expiations collected.

KESAB will monitor data and measure potential litter reduction and behavioural outcomes achieved by Dob in a Litterer and compare to KESAB Litter Index data.

Dob in a Litterer Summarised Data