Sustainability planning

Sustainability planning
Sustainability planning

The NRM Education team works with school/preschool communities to embed sustainability principles in their learning and management practices. Students, staff and parents are provided with resources and support to take informed action at a local level. Benefits include enhanced learning experiences and a reduction in ecological footprints and associated school running costs. This whole-school approach is termed Education for Sustainability (EfS). Activities include (but are not limited to):

  • nature play
  • investigating water and energy savings
  • building frog ponds, veggie beds and butterfly gardens
  • managing food waste with worm farms and compost bins
  • investigating wildlife in the school/preschool yard and beyond.

EfS also supports the development of problem solving and critical thinking skills which link to the Australian Curriculum and Early Years Learning Framework. There are many examples of EfS and whatever your sustainability goals are NRM Education will help you get there.