Recycling relay

Recycling relay
Recycling relay

This activity supports a practical application of waste and recycling knowledge. It can be used in the middle of a unit of work, or at the end, to assess students’ knowledge of correct separation of materials.

This great activity combines education and fitness!

Students receive a brief introduction on waste and recycling before working in relays teams to sort real items into ‘landfill’, ‘recycling’ and ‘organics’ bins. The bin colours used replicate the kerbside system of the council area the school falls in, assisting students to become great recyclers at home too!

After the relay, the contents of the bins are examined, with ‘tricky’ items discussed in the group.

Please note: Limited subsidies are available for schools in some council areas. Please contact KESAB and speak to a Waste Education Officer for more information.

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Session length:

45-60 minutes


Kindergarten – Year 12

Cost (excluding GST):

$300 for one session.

Additional sessions on same day are $150 per class.

Max of 5 classes/day = $900.

Session requests:

To request a session, please complete the request form or contact KESAB on 8234 7255.

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