Program information

The Sustainable Communities program is about people getting together to help their local towns, schools and businesses; to provide a better place to live, work and play; a place where visitors are delighted to go; and locals want to stay. And it’s about protecting, conserving, managing and improving South Australia’s resources and natural environment.

No matter how big or small the town; there is a place for every regional South Australian community within Sustainable Communities!

The Sustainable Communities Program in 2018 will run with two core awards – Overall Town Awards and Overall Project Awards.

Entries that qualify for the Overall Award are to be submitted by a Council or Community Group on behalf of their community. Schools, businesses and individual can still participate in the program, as part of their broader community entry. Overall Project Awards entries can be submitted by a community group, council or school.

In 2018, we will be awarding the Best Small, Medium and Large Town and one of these will go on to be the Overall Winner.

  • Small Town / Community – population < 1000
  • Medium Town / Community – population 1001 – 5000
  • Large Town / Community – population > 5001.

We will also be awarding;

  • Best Overall Council Project
  • Best Overall Community Project
  • Best Overall School Project.

Why participate?

Participating in the KESAB Sustainable Communities program can have many benefits including; increased community involvement and pride in local activities and opportunities to tell your community’s story via Awards and through local and wider media. Most importantly, it brings you into a network of many other community groups, schools, councils, towns and businesses in South Australia, who share a passion and commitment to sustainability and provides an opportunity to learn more about their sustainability initiatives.

Who can participate?

Community groups, schools, individuals, businesses and councils in regional/rural South Australia are all able to participate as part of their community entry in 2018. More information on the boundaries of regional/rural SA for the Sustainable Communities program can be found in the Eligible Council areas summary.

How do we participate?

To participate in the program, you need to complete an entry form that outlines the initiatives in your community. Your entry needs to have projects in six categories, including the compulsory category – Community Action and Partnerships, to be eligible to participate for the Overall Town Awards, and elements of at least three categories to be eligible for the Overall Project award.

(Examples of Projects that have elements of multiple categories (see full details here)

  • Wright Park Kingscote (Amenities, Environmental Sustainability, Community Action & Partnerships, Health & Wellbeing)
  • Penong Windmill Museum (Amenities, Community Action & Partnerships, Heritage & Culture)
  • Blue Lake Solar Project (Environmental Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, Amenities)
  • Walk the Yorke (Environmental Sustainability, Heritage & Culture, Community Actions & Partnerships, Health & Wellbeing)
  • Port Lincoln Street furniture (Resource Recovery, Heritage & Culture, Amenities)

Program information

All program information can be found in the Program Information Booklet, which can be downloaded here.

Please note: The file is rather large so please be patient when downloading. If you are having trouble with downloading, please contact us and we will happily post you a hard copy.

Entry Forms

There are separate entry forms for the Overall Town and Overall Project Awards.

Communities and councils are able to enter both categories, and a project entered as part of the Overall Project Award can also be included in the Overall Town Award.

**If your submission includes any images with children, please ensure you submit a consent form signed by the parent/guardian.

Important Dates

The Sustainable Communities program is finished for 2018. Congratulations to the Overall Winner – Ardrossan.

Contact us:

Alex Hammett


08 8234 7255