Green Adelaide – Nature Education

Green Adelaide

Green Adelaide is committed to an environmentally sustainable future. It believes that working with young people to improve their understanding and develop their capacity to take action is one of the best ways to achieve that.

As a result, Green Adelaide funds a nature education program, with the Green Adelaide Education officers in the Central region being hosted at KESAB environmental solutions.

Green Adelaide Education officers support early learning centres, schools, TAFEs and Universities to embed sustainability principles into their learning and management practices, linking them to the Australian Curriculum or Early Years Learning Framework.

Students, staff, and families are provided with resources and support to take informed action at a local level. Benefits include enhanced learning experiences to help students develop into powerful learners with skills for a changing world; increasing student engagement and learning outcomes; and a reduction in ecological footprints and associated school running costs.

Green Adelaide Education officers work in partnership with the Department for Education to implement the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative-SA (AuSSI-SA). The AuSSI program is an internationally recognised, best-practice model guiding educational institutions in their exploration of sustainability.

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Cally Malone-Faulds

Education Coordinator (Central Adelaide)


08 8234 7255