Clean Marine

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Clean Marine – Port River Shoreline Clean-up proudly sponsored by ATCO (2019)

KESAB was proud to partner with ATCO Australia and the South Australian Community to deliver the Clean Marine – Port River Shoreline Clean-up project in 2019. At the heart of the project is community partnerships project outcomes which will see a reduction in the amount of Marine litter and Roadside litter on the shoreline, banks and roads that lead to the Port River.

The Clean Marine – Port River Shoreline Clean-up continues the work being done around South Australia by volunteers in protecting the environment via the Road Watch-Adopt A Road program. Members of the public are invited to participate in this project and are provided with the necessary equipment to carry out this volunteer work on behalf of the Department for Infrastructure and Transport. If not disposed of correctly, littered items can cause harm in the environment.

Plastics are particularly dangerous in the marine environment, and in addition to the dangers posed to marine life from ingestion and entanglement, the plastic can break up into ‘dust’ particles smaller than grains of sand. These toxic particles have been found to contaminate our shores and oceans and are passed up the food chain to fish and ultimately humans.

Who can get involved with Road Watch?

Community Groups – Many community groups like to participate in environmental care activities. Community Service Clubs – Cultural organisations – Church organisations – Friendship Groups – Walking Groups – Youth Groups, just to name a few.

Individuals – Register your interest and meet at the designated location where others are cleaning or just nominate your section and let us know when you will be active.

Schools – This outdoor activity provides an opportunity for students to consider how human behaviour affects the eco system and our waterways. It is not just about the litter collected but about the positive impact the participating students’ actions has on the local community. Link this activity to the curriculum and help your students become leaders in environmental protection.

Businesses – If your business operates in the region, then you have a stake in the protection of our environment. If you would like to provide an opportunity for your staff to work alongside their local community members, then join Road Watch-Adopt A Road.

Participant activities will be promoted through KESAB social media and individuals or organisation representatives are invited to share their experience on the Road Watch Facebook page at

How to get involved?

Please register as a Community Group, School, Individual or Business by emailing your details to Sarah via or phone 08 8234 7255. We will get back to you with further details.