STUFF! Making sustainable choices at home

STUFF! Making sustainable choices at home

Have you ever wondered what to do with stuff at home that you no longer want or need? KESAB has developed a ‘Stuff! Making sustainable choices at home’ educational CD resource. The resource is designed to empower students to make sustainable choices when disposing of common household items.

STUFF! Making sustainable choices at home resource
STUFF! Making sustainable choices at home resource

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Kit content:

  • An information booklet
  • An A3-size classroom poster
  • A CD containing:
    • An easy-to-follow teacher guide.
    • Australian curriculum appropriate education resource material, including cross-curricular lesson ideas and student activity sheets (PDF and IWB formats).
    • A fun, colourful and engaging ‘Making sustainable choices at home’ Flash interactive for primary and middle-years students.

Cost of purchase:

$49.95 (+ GST and P&H)

Purchase requests:

To purchase the resource, complete and submit the purchase form.

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Recycling information sheet for teachers


In Australia, SUEZ diverts 800,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year. SUEZ also provides reliable collection, recycling and resource recovery services to more than 56,000 customers and more than 3.7 million residents every week. Contact us on 131335 to hear how SUEZ can provide South Australian schools with recycling and recovery solutions.

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