Litter Less

Litter Less

Litter Less is a resource designed for years 4 to 7. It provides students with authentic learning contexts in which to understand and respond to litter and littering issues.

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Litter Less resource
Litter Less resource

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Kit content:

  • 58 page unit of work, presented as six inquiry questions
  • A3 ‘Litterbugs’ poster
  • A3 size ‘Larry Litter’ story book
  • ‘Litter in the Real World’ and ‘Lunchbox’ image cards
  • CD containing:
    • copies of all printed materials
    • Australian Curriculum links document
    • ‘Larry Litter’ audio book
    • interactives to support the unit of work
    • IWB versions of applicable student activity sheets

Cost of purchase:

$75 (+ GST and $9.95 P&H per resource)

Purchase requests:

To purchase the resource, complete and submit the purchase form.

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