Butt Bins – Tamper Resistant Butt Bins

The KESAB range of Tamper Resistant Butt Bins are designed especially for unsupervised public areas. If you are having vandalism problems these units may be the design for you.

With new laws that ban smoking in enclosed public places and indoor areas being enacted throughout Australia, many businesses are looking for solutions. Butt Bins and Butt Bin products aid in controlling current or future cigarette butt littering.

To combat butt litter issues, a number of solutions are available and designed specifically for industry needs. The KESAB range of quality, Graffiti and Tamper Resistant Butt Bins are Australian Made, 304 or 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Easy to install and available in large and small sizes, each bin is provided complete with wall mounting plate, dyna bolts, side bolts and key.

Naturally, we all want smokers to take personal responsibility for the correct disposal of their cigarette butts. However, by implementing practical measures like Butt Bins, business owners and operators can help to reduce the economic and environmental impact of butt littering on their businesses and their local environment.

Cost of purchase:

Prices range from $247 (+ GST).

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