Waste Education options for your school in 2020

Waste Education options for your school in 2020

Is waste and recycling a focus in your school or classroom in 2020?  KESAB have many different school waste  education options that are suitable from preschool – high school.


Explore the KESAB Education Centres on an excursion

See first hand what happens to waste and recycling materials in South Australia.  At our Education Centres, students will be able to see the amounts of material sent to different waste management streams and the processes behind this.  This can be an eye-opening experience as students are able to see the sheer volume of materials that are processed on a daily basis, as well as the volume of material sent to landfill.

Wingfield Education Centre

The Wingfield Education Centre excursion has two elements;

  • a 40-minute bus tour of the Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre (WWRC) to show how materials from household waste,organics bins, commercial and industrial bins, are processed
  • Group activities in KESAB’s Education Centre linked to the WWRC sites and household bin collections, including organics recycling, construction and demolition materials and common household recycling items.

Statewide Education Centre

Statewide Recycling is a ‘Super Collector’ of 10c deposit drink containers from recycling depots throughout South Australia, and the Education Centre showcases the recycling process and the end products. Activities include sorting recyclables on a conveyor belt, learning about upcycled and recycled products, impacts of litter and more.



KESAB offer a range of incursions for school and preschool sites.

If you are learning about waste and recycling, then a Recycle Relay is a great combination of education and fitness.

If litter is an issue in your school, a Litter Less session is the way to go – this is a hands-on incursion designed to encourage students to consider the local, national and global impacts of litter and littering. Students have an opportunity to conduct their own litter audit and consider how to reduce and avoid it happening at their site and in their community

We can also deliver hands-on activities that demonstrate reuse of materials, sustainable products and opportunities to divert waste.

  • Papermaking – educating students on paper recycling and protecting the environment
  • Beeswax wrap making – learn about reducing waste and creating a reusable product
  • Compost/worm farms – how to set up and maintain a healthy system and learn about the importance of diverting organic waste.

Download the KESAB 2022 Education Information Booklet


Online activities

Get started with waste and recycling education in your classroom with the following online activities;

Litter Less – online education resource that assists with litter issues, planning and implementing litter reduction and prevention.

Stuff  –  An interactive house resource that educates students about correct bins for household items.


Useful Resources 

Mini Bin Game

Hire a papermaking kit

Take a virtual tour of a metal recycling operation

The Amazing Journey of your Recyclables

The Journey of My Bins

Video Case Studies from South Australian Education Sites

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