Take a virtual tour of a metal recycling plant!

Take a virtual tour of a metal recycling plant!

Sims Metal Management (SMM) and KESAB have had a strong cooperative relationship since 2011, with a common objective of resource recovery and recycling.

Earlier this year, KESAB started working with SMM on a new interactive microsite that is a virtual guided tour of a SMM site.

In Australia, SMM operates in every state and territory. SMM have five fragmentisers and various shears, balers and granulation plants, enabling SMM to meet every recycling challenge. Facilities such as this are instrumental in maintaining a clean environment and ensuring an efficient means of recycling the past to preserve the future.

In SA, SMM has feeder yards in Lonsdale and Roseworthy and a head office at Wingfield.

Recycling scrap metal is one of the most significant things we can do to help our environment. Using recycled products instead of virgin materials during manufacturing dramatically reduces pollution and carbon emissions, reduces energy and water consumption, and frees up much needed space for necessary landfill.

  • For every tonne of steel recycled, carbon emissions are reduced by 2.1 tonnes.
  • When one tonne of aluminium is recycled, carbon emissions are reduced by a staggering 7.9 tonnes.
  • For every tonne of computers recycled, carbon emissions are reduced by approximately 4 tonnes.
  • Sims Metal Management in Australia has recycled more than 1 million cars and, if laid out end-to-end this would stretch from Rome to Bangkok!
  • Appliances and fridges recycled would stretch from Sydney to Amsterdam and across the ocean to New York.

The new interactive is targeting educators and schools to use as part of their school curriculum, but all ages will find this interactive appealing and educational.

Check out the SMM interactive site.  You can either take a guided tour or click through the different stations in no particular order.

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