Simple ways to protect our waterways

Simple ways to protect our waterways

The River Murray is the lifeblood of South Australia; it provides water for industry, livestock, irrigation, homes, parks and gardens. The River and its’ tributaries, wetlands, floodplains, shorelines and banks are home to many mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects. There is one other creature that calls the river its home, Bazza the Bunyip!

Bazza the Bunyip is an Ambassador for the River Murray and all of the wetland and riverine environments in South Australia.  Bazza has reemerged this year to connect with locals and visitors in the Riverland and Murraylands regions, reinforcing the message – Don’t Muck up the Murray!

Along with his message, he has some tips on how to keep our SA waterways beautiful:

Don’t drop litter in the water

Cigarette butts, bottle tops, plastic bags and lines and hooks can be mistaken for food, or can choke and kill an animal.

Respect the River

It is important to not only respect the river, but its users too.  Watch your wake and help protect the riverbank, manage your black/grey water correctly, and refuel on land.  Did you know 1 litre of oil can contaminate 1 million litres of water!

Always use a bin or take your rubbish home with you

Litter dropped in the street, at campgrounds or buried in the riverbanks, can still make it’s way into the river.  Not to mention an apple core can take 1 – 2 months to breakdown, a plastic bottle – 450 years, and an Aluminium can more than 1 million years!  Check out some more litter breakdown facts here.

Take care of the surrounding environment

The riverine environment is home to many plants and animals.  Take care of it; moor your boat in designated areas, do not remove wood or chop trees for firewood, don’t introduce pest species, only camp in designated or approved areas and keep your campfires contained (never use river rocks though!).

Here are some of our favourite river spots in SA.

River Murray



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One comment on “Simple ways to protect our waterways
  1. Casey and Amity says:

    Dear KESAB
    Amity amd I are 10 year old year 5 student activists. We have recently given a speech to both the Murray Bridge and Mid Murray councils asking for them to join us in declaring a climate emergency. The next step for us is planning a clean up day at the river. We need to teach the residents that littering is not OK. We were wondering if Bazza the Bunyip would be able to help us by joining us at our upcoming events on Sunday 22nd September (Murray Bridge) and 29th September (Mannum) from 10am to 1pm. We have sourced supplies from Clean-Up Australia and intend to distribute trees to all participants. You can find out more at:–Sturt-Reserve–Murray-Bridge
    Best regards,
    Amity and Casey
    P.S. We have the full support of our parents if you need to speak with them.

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