Showcasing regional South Australia

Showcasing regional South Australia

To mark the launch of the 2017 Sustainable Communities program this week, we thought we would share a few of the projects that were part of the 2016 program. We encourage you to get out and explore the many wonderful places, sights and activities that SA has to offer!

Peterborough Printing Works

The Peterborough Printing Works was a flourishing business from 1894 until 2001 and when the business shut down, they simply closed the door and walked away, leaving behind an absolute treasure trove.  Members of the Peterborough History Group have been undertaking the sometimes painstaking task of working their way through over a century of job dockets, printed works and of course, machinery.

It is well worth a visit, not only to see what the inside of the printing works is like (and try out a machine) but to see the history of SA preserved within the printed documents of yesteryear.

Check out some of the great photos in this ABC article about the Printing Works.




Mount Gambier Railway Lands

For a long time the railway yards in the heart of Mount Gambier were a derelict eyesore but not any more! The Railway Lands, a project 10 years in the making , is now the beating heart of Mount Gambier; a four hectare community open space that includes nature play space, amphitheatre, public art, cycling path and more!

Council ensured that sustainability features such as water sensitive urban design, stormwater retention and custom solar lighting were a strong part of the project, ticking the boxes of amenity and function.  The Railway lands redevelopment has retained the heritage of the area by keeping the Station house and rejuvenating some of the industrial building facades, whilst incorporating modern sculptures and facilities.




Meldanda is a 40 hectare property along the banks of the River Marne, just outside of Cambrai that is under the care of Cambrai Area School and a dedicated committee.  The site includes a community bushgarden, bat island (where bat monitoring takes place), a butterfly garden, seed nursery, disc golf course and a campsite used primarily by Scouts and school groups.

Mid Murray Landcare SA, and other local organisations, hold community events at Meldanda, giving you the opportunity to see this wonderful property – follow the Facebook Page to keep up to date.



Whyalla Wetlands

The Whyalla Wetlands project started in the early 1990’s and were primarily designed as a storm water recycling project; to intercept, filter, contain and discharge overflows slowly to the sea, removing contaminants and sediments that would otherwise end up in the bay.   The Wetlands were built on the remaining 24.8 Hectares of the original Whyalla Aerodrome.

There  are 9.9 Hectares of artificial lakes fed by a combination of underground water seepage and storm water runoff, with a total water storage capacity of 160 mega litres. The wetlands provide habitat for a diverse range of animals including waterbirds, frogs, invertebrates and fish. Both natural and artificial wetlands also become refuge areas in times of drought for many birds and other animals.

Most recently, works have been undertaken to enhance the usage of the site including walking & running trails, outdoor fitness equipment, nature play area, open space, picnic and public facilities. The site is now heavily used by the community and visitors and is part of the Whyalla Heritage Trail.

If you are in regional SA and wish to participate in the Sustainable Communities program, information and the entry form are on the Sustainable Communities page.

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  1. Judy Gorey says:

    Is there a competition project between towns as in years ago?
    KESAB used to run it.
    Thank you,

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