Pack and Go! Reducing supermarket waste – a KESAB collaboration with Pasadena and Frewville Foodlands

Pack and Go!  Reducing supermarket waste - a KESAB collaboration with Pasadena and Frewville Foodlands

Over the past year, we have been working alongside the teams at Frewville and Pasadena Foodlands on reducing supermarket waste, and it came to fruition on Friday 22 November at the launch of Pack and Go.

Pack and Go works by customers pre-purchasing approved containers at a discounted rate from the stores.  The Décor containers have been chosen as they are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.  When you return them to the stores, they are commercially cleaned and then they are ready to be reused and swapped by the stores on a one-for-one basis in order to maintain high standards of food safety.The stores will accept the pack and go containers for a range of products including cheeses, deli meats, spices, bulk foods, salads, olives and other antipasto products.

Commercial Retail Group Director Spero Chapley said “Customers at our stores have been quick to embrace the scheme during the trial with environmental responsibility important to them,” said Mr Chapley.

“The launch of Pack and Go is part of our overall approach to waste management and recycling which working closely with KESAB aims to reduce our landfill by 70% over the next 12 months. We are proud to be the first supermarkets in South Australia to have a reusable container scheme.  We believe that the scheme has the potential to prevent 300 000 containers going to landfill in South Australia each year.”

Disposable food containers, along with straws, takeaway cups and snack bags are among the most commonly littered single-use plastics in South Australia .

John Phillips, OAM, Executive Director of KESAB environmental solutions, said the work the State Government is undertaking to look at eliminating Single Use Plastic items in the environment demonstrates South Australia is leading the way.

“The two Foodland stores are already responding to this before a potential ban is enforced,” said Mr Phillips.

“The Commercial Retail Group’s Pack and Go program provides a real-life showcase where individuals can demonstrate a measurable difference by their actions”

“KESAB is supporting a number of government, retail, council and school education initiatives as community responds to reducing waste and changing consumer habits.”

Pasadena and Frewville Foodlands have also reintroduced paper bags at the checkout and are working on reducing the amount of plastic used in product packaging, particular fresh fruit and vegetables, where cardboard trays have recently been introduced.

Watch the news report on Pack and Go –

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