15 tips to reduce your carbon footprint

15 tips to reduce your carbon footprint


Everyone has a carbon footprint but you can reduce it by making a number of simple changes.

1. Hot water takes energy to heat, so keep your showers brief.  Also wash your clothes in cold water and air dry.

2. Switch to LED globes.   As it gets darker earlier in winter, we tend to use lights more often, so this is particularly timely.

3. Unplug appliances when not in use as items such as TV’s, coffee makers and microwaves can still pull electricity even if they aren’t turned on.

4. Instead of using the heater, put on an jumper or grab a blanket when you are trying to escape the cold.

5. Cook efficiently by covering your pots and pans, this means food will be heated more quickly and therefore use less energy.

6. Keep your curtains open during the day to harness any warmth from the sunlight and close them at night to help reduce the chill.

7. Check for gaps around doors and windows and seal to stop cold air coming in, therefore you will not have to heat the house as much.

8. Buy local – food miles are a big contributor to carbon emissions.

9. Eat less red meat, such as beef and lamb. Cows and sheep emit large quantities of methane, a powerful global warming gas.

10. Compost your food waste at home, which stops it from producing greenhouse gases in landfill and requiring transportation.

11. Recycle as much as possible and  always look for products with recyclable/minimal packaging.

12. Take it a step further and buy less in general and when it is necessary, buy well made products that will last for longer.


13.  If you are flying for business, consider whether you can hold an online meeting instead, as it is the worst mode of transport in terms of  greenhouse emissions.

14. Choose a laptop over a desktop computer, as laptops are designed to be energy-efficient, because battery life is a major factor to laptop design.

15.  Change the way you get to work, swap the car for walking, riding or public transport. If these are not viable options, investigate carpooling options.


Have you made any other changes to reduce your carbon footprint?  Let us know in the comments section.  

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