Travelling toward a beautiful Australia #LitterRally

Travelling toward a beautiful Australia #LitterRally

It is Keep Australia Beautiful Week  (Monday 21 to Sunday 27 August) and this year we are encouraging Aussie’s to band together and tackle litter head on with a litter rally!

Aussie’s participating in Keep Australia Beautiful Week will take the pledge to enter the #LitterRally and pick up 1 piece of rubbish per day for the week, as well as pledging to keep litter in their cars when travelling.

Litter costs Aussie’s $300 million-$350 million dollars annually from the public pocket to maintain and clean littered areas. In addition to costing our pockets, litter is hugely detrimental to our environment and causes many issues for our native animals and plants.

In South Australia, the most littered places are roadsides, followed by car parks.   Cigarette butts are the most littered item followed by paper/paperboard items,  in fact 8310 items were found at 151 sites across SA during the most recent litter survey.

Consider the breakdown times for some of the most littered items;

  • Banana skin: 3 – 4 weeks
  • Paper bag: 1 month
  • Apple core: 1 – 2 months
  • Cardboard: 2 months
  • Plastic bag*: Up to 20 years
  • Plastic bottle*: 450 years
  • Aluminium can: More than 1 million years
  • Glass: 1-2 million years

* Petrochemical products never truly break down and remain in the environment forever.

In SA, we have over 100 dedicated Road Watch groups who volunteer their time to pick up roadside litter across the State. They picked up close to 1 tonne of rubbish last year!  Their commitment and hard work goes a long way to helping to Keep South Australia Beautiful and litter free!

Since 1 February 2017, close to 600 reports have been received by South Australians via the Dob in a Litterer app and website.  If you haven’t downloaded the App yet or seen the website, it allows you to identify the type, model and colour of the offending vehicle, a map to determine the exact location of where the littering took place, and also includes a photo feature to capture evidence.

Reducing litter requires everybody to be involved; your local council, waste contractors, shops, pubs, businesses, community members and travellers—we all have a role to play.

Take the pledge to enter the 2017 #LitterRally and spread the word, together we can beat litter!


** The Adelaide Oval will be lit up in green this week to celebrate Keep Australia Beautiful Week.  Keep an eye out for it if you are passing through the city at night! 

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One comment on “Travelling toward a beautiful Australia #LitterRally
  1. Good work KESAB Team – supporting KAB nationally.

    We are a strong force for good in SA.

    Mike of Magill

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