How can KESAB help with your business waste?

How can KESAB help with your business waste?

KESAB environmental solutions offer a range of options to help you meet your business waste management objectives.  As a business owner or even as an employee, you may have questions relating to your business waste which may be;

  • What happens to our waste and recycling after it has been placed in a bin?
  • How much does my business actually waste?
  • Is recycling always the best outcome for our waste?
  • What impact does our packaging choices have on our ability to recycle or reuse?

Amazingly, the waste and recycling industry in South Australia has an annual turnover of approximately $ 1 billion!  The mindset among businesses is shifting towards a circular approach – how do we avoid waste rather than create it?

Here are some of the services we at KESAB can provide your business to help you understand the impact of your business waste and how you can learn about alternative actions.

Waste and Recycling Facility Tours

Why not take a behind-the-scenes tour of a recycling and waste facility to see first hand how the reality of these facilities works?   One of our education officers will lead the way and provide you with information to help you make an educated decision for the future of your business waste.

Waste and Recycling Information Session

Awareness is key!  We can send an education officer out to your business and present to your staff for 45 minutes about what goes in each bin, the importance of recycling and organics as well as how to dispose of electronic waste and other items they may be unsure about.

Bins Systems Assessment (BSA)

A Bins System Assessment (BSA) is a fantastic way for your business to understand what types of wastes are being generated and identify opportunities to reduce and recycle this waste!  We will visit your site, conduct the assessment (along with some of your key staff) and then provide you with a report with some key recommendations for the future of your business!

Bins Materials Audit (BMA)

We will send a trained KESAB audit staff member to your site and they will sort through 24 hours worth of bin material generated by your business.  Rather us than you, right!  Once conducted, we will provide you with a report of the audit with recommendations for your site.  We can then present our findings to your staff if you wish, helping educate them about how to reduce waste for your business.

Waste Management Plan & Staff Education

In order to make changes around waste management, reduce waste and continue to improve, you need a Waste Management Plan!  But the plan on its own, while a great start, needs action and to get this you need to educate your staff through training.  KESAB offers services to businesses who need some help with their plan and of course, training their staff to adopt the changes!

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