Why your business probably needs a waste audit

Why your business probably needs a waste audit

Every business generates waste.

Whether it is waste generated through business activities or from staff food, waste is an inevitable part of each and every business. For some businesses, your primary waste streams might be paper or plastic, for others, it might be food scraps or even hazardous waste.  Regardless of the type, waste is costing your business money and is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions if sent to landfill.

waste audit, bin, waste, business wasteSo what can your business do about it?

Undertake a KESAB waste audit so that you can better understand your business’s waste and either reduce it or divert it from landfill.

A waste audit (or assessment) will;

  • Identify the types of waste and amounts being generated by your business
  • Examine the effectiveness of any current waste management strategies
  • Identify areas where waste management can be improved and waste to landfill can be decreased.

waste audit, business waste, wasteHow does a waste audit happen?

  1. Firstly KESAB conducts a walk through bin assessment of your site, recording bin systems, signage, disposal and collection processes. This will include discussions with key staff (including cleaning contractors).
  2. Next, KESAB will conduct a waste audit – all waste materials will be collected (over a set period of time). Weight and volume for each category will be recorded. Materials will be photographed with notes taken throughout the audit.
  3. Lastly, the data from the audit will be collated and analysed to create the final report. The report will include an analysis of current systems and recommendations for increased capture of recyclable and compostable materials. It will also identify other material streams for diversion as well as opportunities to reduce and reuse materials for greater environmental benefits.

Does this sound like it might be a good solution for your business?

Contact KESAB today.

In the meantime, here are some simple tips for reducing waste in your business.

  • Set printers to two-sided printing as a default
  • Encourage staff to read on the screen rather than print
  • Start an office compost bin or a green organics collection service. Don’t forget to pop a compost caddy or basket in your staff kitchen and in the bathrooms (for paper towel).
  • Use jars of sugar/coffee instead of individual sticks or bags
  • Start a small plastics collection in your staff kitchen
  • Encourage staff to use keep cups instead of disposable coffee cups.

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One comment on “Why your business probably needs a waste audit
  1. Andrew says:

    Waste audits are a fantastic idea and are really beneficial when linked to education. Action for change in the way that we consider how we dispose of waste is having a real positive impact on our communities. Posting information like your article helps to continue the ground-swell of the recycling moment all over the world. Thanks for sharing.

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